Happy 25th Link

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Twenty-five years ago today, an ambitious title was released in Japan that would, in time, become one of the biggest and most important franchises in video game history. Check out all week for a stroll down memory lane. For the rest of this week, Total Recall will be looking back on 25 years of [...]

Monkey Torture

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the state

In his own words

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In His Own Words from David Murawsky on Vimeo.

‘WBTYS’ DVD Release???

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Activate the xion diode

Who are the ones who decided this was a good idea? And why hasn’t No Retreat, No Surrender been released on DVD yet. I am still holding on to the VHS in anticipation. Now that is a film filled with life lessons. “Chi means power”

The Books must do lots of acid

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Cymbals Eat Guitars

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The opening track to Why There Are Mountains:


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Icelandic people know how to make some serious music.


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Plate of deliciousness

What a Personality

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That is the raddest shit I have ever seen in my life!!!

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The Whitest Kids you Know

Donalds of the world unite!!!

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Childish Gambino

So I just found out that Troy (aka DONALD Glover), from the NBC show “Community”, is not only an actor but he is also a comedian, a writer, a producer, a good Samaritan and a rapper?? So far I would say he sounds delightful. This is his first single off his upcoming EP: You can [...]

Cursive @ Subterranean in Chicago 12/31/2010 (videos)

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Reissue: The Dismemberment Plan: Emergency & I

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Pretty excited! Just got the vinyl. Pitchfork: Album Reviews: The Dismemberment Plan: Emergency.

Recent Post Test

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Testing out the recent image sidebar installation

Corn, corn everywhere but not a kernel to eat

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Das Boot

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Somethings brewing

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Coming Soon….

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what the deuce

I just did a total CSS/HTML rework of the site. Testing out the backend for bugs and then the fun begins. Hopefully the site doesn’t crash.

Cursive: Domestica 10th Anniversary

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The show was completely ridiculous. If you take a look at the image of Tim talking to the crowd and follow his right arm, it looks like he is patting Jess on the head. We are directly behind the girl with the glasses.